Do i need to Sign-Up with in order to purchase any order?

Yes, you need to have a User Account with in order to purchase the services. Sign-Up for a User Account for FREE, the Sign-Up Fee is currently waived (RM10.00 will be charged per User Account starting from 1st September 2020). Please make sure to Top-Up your account's credit before placing any order.

How do i Top-Up my Account Credit Balance?

Go to "Add Funds", select your mode of payment - Credit Cards / Debit Cards, or Online Transfer. Minimum payment amount is set at RM50.00.

Can i make payment via Credit Cards or Debit Cards?

Yes, we do accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards. is integrated with StripeĀ® payment platform, however, a 4% Transaction Fee will be charged.

Can i make payment via Online Transfer?

Answer : Yes, you may transfer to Bank's Account as stated. No Surcharge applies!

PROMOTION : If your top-up amount is equal or more than RM100.00, you will get Extra Bonus Credit of 5%. (eg. Top-Up RM100.00, you will get RM105.00 Credit. Top-Up RM200, you will get RM210.00 Credit) Kindly send your payment slip to our Administrator for verification. Credit balance will only reflected in your User Account after payment slip verified and payment clearance is done.

How to make Order from

Go to "Order", select "New Order". From here, choose from the "Category" of the services you preferred. Then, select your desired service from the various lists under "Order Service". Remember to read the description for each service before placing order. Fill up the "Link" as per format stated in description. Next, fill up the "Quantity", please refer to the minimum and maximum quantity allowed. Place your order, sit back and enjoy!

How long does the Delivery takes?

The delivery duration is stated in the description for every services, however, there will be slight delay if the order queue is too long.

Does provides guarantee for the service(s) purchased?

Please read the description for every services. We do provide refill for certain period for some of the services in the event of drop or loss. The refill will only works within the refill period.

Can i cancel my order?

Sorry, there is no way to cancel any order placed. Please make sure to fill up all details correctly before placing order.

Can i terminate my User Account?

Yes, you may terminate your User Account. Write to us by creating a "Tickets", our administrator will follow up with you on the termination. Please be advised to fully utilized your User Account's Credit Balance before terminating your account. Any credit balance left in your account will be forfeited after termination of User Account.

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